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Thursday, March 30, 2017
To love God and people above all else

        These are the primary youth ministry organized and promoted projects we use to equip teens for               service ministry. Our teens are "out there" serving in many other ways as well.


 Serving Out



 Kingdom Partnership

Throughout the year we do variety of community service projects as a Youth Group. The best way to teach kingdom mindset to the teens is to return to the same ministry many times over a long period of time. For six years we have adopted Arlington Bridge Builders as our Youth Group kingdom partnership. Arlington Bridge Builders serves immigrant families and those in need in South Arlington. We participate in many types of projects, such as facility maintenance, food drives and school supply backpack giveaways.


Caring for the elderly

Around six times a year on a Wednesday evening "Breakout Night", each of our High School small groups load up in vehicles with their youth leaders. They leave the church to visit elderly friends. Often these people are no longer able to attend our church because of their health issues. Sometimes some of our small groups visit the same elderly person for several years and develop friendships. In this way, our teens experience the "love one another" and "love the widows" Biblical verses in a practical way. Our teens share their faith with those who may not have a relationship with Christ, for example, while visiting the Cherrydale Rehab facility.
 Service without boarders
In addition to our local service ministry, our Youth Group is actively involved with our church family in the annual Operation Christmas Child project. Teens' excitement energizes their whole families to participate in putting together shoe boxes filled with little gifts of love for the needy children around the World. Another ongoing kingdom partnership is our ministry at Emmanuel Christian School in Macas, Ecuador. In order to stay in touch with this ministry beyond a summer trip, every year our Youth Group helps sponsor a needy student's tuition to attend the school. See the Youth Ministry Missions page for more information.

Serving In

       Be a Disciple Maker  

Teens should talk to their Wednesday night small group leaders about how to become a disciple maker. Our leaders have a heart for coming alongside teens to help them learn how to help lead a small group, how to reach their friends for Christ and even to help their peers to become disciple makers. Teens who are passionate about becoming disciple makers are welcome to attend Pastor Greg's 7 week 4-Chair Disciple Making elective class this Spring 2017.


You Name It

At Cherrydale we love to see teens serving side by side with people of all ages in the church family. Teens should consider serving as greeters and ushers. They can serve at the Welcome Center, at the child sign-in kiosks or help parents to find their way around the church. If teens wonder is they are able to do that, the answer is definitely "Yes", they can help. Look for people in charge and ask them how to get involved or email Pastor Greg with this question.


Nursery and Sunday Class Assistant 

Email Liza Draper, our nursery supervisor at Include your name, home phone number and your age.

VBS Volunteer 
Listen for signup announcements in Sunday Class and church in the Spring
Camp Kid’s Place
If a responsible and mature teen is interested to work as a volunteer at the Camp Kids Place summer camp, he or she has to apply online and go through an interview process with Pastor Herb Owen. For more information for the website and then click "Join Our Staff" button.
 Teen Worship Team
Our teen worship band leads worship during the nPursuit Youth Group on Wednesday night several times throughout the year. To find out more about this band, please contact Richard Roberts.
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