Cherrydale Baptist Church
Thursday, March 30, 2017
To love God and people above all else
At nPursuit Youth Group we address tough questions about Christianity, and we talk about serious life choices that teens face every day. This relationship-based gathering is designed to be an environment where friends who don't believe in God would feel welcomed and accepted. We do fun things like icebreakers, drama, worship, videos, creative teaching times, gym play, snacks, and hanging out, and more!  But the main thing is our Breakout Groups where adult mentors and students discuss how the topic of the evening's "sermon" is applicable to their lives.
Parent Tips
  • Can't remember if you already filled out Medical Consent Form? Click here to check the list of people who filled out this form.
  • Teens are welcome to come early for nPursuit on Wednesday night to hang-out, play a game, or do homework.
  • Children below 7th grade should not be roaming unsupervised in the church when teens are here.  
  • If your teen has lots of homework, breakout groups end at 8:30 pm and then students hang out for the rest of the night. Your teen won’t like it, but picking them up at 8:30 might be a good way to get in God-time but emphasize getting down to business with homework when they get home.    
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