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Thursday, March 30, 2017
To love God and people above all else

Safety First:

·         Medical & Liability Release Form: We need this form on record for every teen in case of an emergency. Here is quick link back to the registration button if you want to do this now: click here. If you can't remember if you filled out this form already, please check this list.


·         All of our youth ministry adult leaders are carefully screened and background checked. We do our best to create a culture where bullying, name calling and cut downs even in jest are not cool. If your teen is having a rough time at church we need to know. Even when words meant to express acceptance are understood as rejection, we want to know.

The Parent Team:

·         We see ourselves as a part of the parent team. We are here not to compete with or replace family. We are here to serve. 

·         For all Christian parents we strongly encourage you to be a member of our church. You are the primary disciple makers of your children. Our youth ministry is here to support your ministry. If you attend any number of great churches in our community, we encourage your teen to connect there first. If our youth ministry can add an additional discipleship aspect to your parent ministry strategy, we are happy to serve.  

·         For all non-Christian parents, if you are supportive of your teen/s learning what the Bible says about being a Christian, then this is a great place where they can explore personal faith without being made to feel like they have to embrace our beliefs in order to be accepted and loved as a person.

·         If you would like to help us, we often need parents to serve in various ways at random times throughout the year. Signing up to send in snacks on Wednesday evening is huge for us. Contact the student ministry office to let us know ways you might be able to assist us.  


Communicating With You:

·         Circle: We use an online database called Circle for communications, registering for events, paying for events, and maintaining the Student Ministry calendar.  If you have any trouble with using Circle please email our Youth Ministry admin secretary Marina at . She can help you sort things out. 

·         Our Website: Our church website, which you obviously know about, is information central for us. All communications link back to information that you find here.


·         Parent Update: We send parent updates via email almost every week. This is our way of alerting you via bullet points and links to the most important youth ministry things you need to know. If you are not receiving updates, please let us know.  Our communications are mass emails, if you are not getting them, check your spam folder settings to make sure our emails are not being flagged.


·         Primary Email: You may have noticed when you registered your teen that we ask for a parent or guardian primary email address in the student email address space. If you are not receiving our parent update, please edit your student’s profile. It makes it easier for us to just select student names and know we are going through parents with our emails.


·         Church-wide communications: If you want to receive church wide news called Connections by email, please sign up here.


Seize the Day

·         Parenting Teens Class: As you know, parenting teens is complicated. Even between your own teens you often need totally different parenting strategies. In the end the most important thing is to model what you would like to see in your teen’s life. Admitting when you are wrong and acknowledging your own failings is the best place to begin for teens. At Cherrydale we are not big on teen pop parenting classes because if you are an integral part of this church family you are in the best parenting class you could ever take. Who you are is the gravity behind what you say to your teen and what expect from your teen. It is okay if your teen doesn’t get it. We all struggle with a rebellious nature. You are in this for the long haul. If not now, someday they will feel weight of your example if your example has weight. Make the time to dive in deeper into life-on- life community with other believers so that you have iron sharpens iron support as you navigate this crazy season of your life.


·         Disciple Making Class: Our teen and adult “programs” are designed around a solid biblical discipleship strategy. To take discipleship to the next level we need to multiply disciple makers. We need parents and adult leaders to come together and say “Let’s dive in, figure out how to do this and invite our young people to the table”. This means they are invited to the class as well. Our new 4-Chair Disciple Making Class trains parents, adult leaders and young people in how to develop a personal disciple making strategy. Two roadblocks often prevent us from being better disciple makers: feelings that we are unworthy and inadequate. This class addresses those feelings head on and then helps us develop personal disciple making strategy that is sustainable for a life time. The class will at 9:15 Sunday mornings, in the Well, April 23 through June 4.  


FYI’s and FAQ’s


·         Little siblings: For safety reasons and teen cool factor reasons, little siblings need to be accompanied by a parent in teen hang out areas during teen programming times.


·         6th graders: Often parents ask, "Can my 6th grader join the Youth Group because they are very mature or a year  older than their peers?” The answer to this question is almost always, "No". Very rarely is a 6th grader beyond all  their peers and if so they should be leading them. They will be in 12th grade soon. We don’t want them to abandon  peer to peer ministry then either.


·         Cross Generation Worship and Ministry: There are many factors why college age students, who know Christ as their Savior, sometimes wander away from the church. One of the biggest reasons is when they don't have a connection to the church.  We encourage families to worship and serve together in order for the teens to feel more connected to the church.  It is important for teens to have peer to peer biblical community just like the adults do. However, sometimes if teens participate in the teen programs only, the result is lack of connection with the church family as a whole. We encourage families attend church together at 9:15 am and then for parents and teens to participate in classes and electives that are designed to help us grow deeper spiritually and to equip us for the ministry. Also, parents and teens are invited to serve together as ushers, children's ministry workers, etc.



·         Baptism: Parents often have many questions about the baptism. The following link is a parent FAQ page on baptism.


·         Church Membership: At Cherrydale Baptist Church, a student can become a church member at the age of 17 years old. We encourage all Senior High students to take our Cherrydale Explored Elective Class and then join the church. Like baptism, church membership is a mile stone they can remember. It is a public statement that they are believers who are committed to the journey with other believers in their faith.


 Please contact me any time at church at 703-525-8210 or by email at I am here to serve you and your teens. 


In Christ,

Pastor Greg


P.S.  You can read more about me here

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