• May 12, 2017

Kindred has had a wonderful year, sharing life together On The Front Porch. We have enjoyed new friendships, great table discussions after our speakers, mentor mom moments, yummy brunch and fabulous childcare headed up by our wonderful Tracy Kim. Kindred is wrapping up this year on May 19th with Francie Winslow. Register here!

If you need more connection over the summer and would like to be a part of our Summer Book Club (all ladies are welcome), please contact Raynel Knight. We’ll be reading Parenting by Paul David Tripp. Groups are clustered geographically both daytime or evening.

We are also assembling our Steering Team for next school year. If you would like to help make Kindred happen with other amazing moms, contact our Coordinator, Beth Main. We’re looking for mentor moms, table leaders and a variety of other roles. We will start back up in September.