• August 10, 2017

Macas, Ecuador trip – July 2017

This past July, eight Cherrydale teens and 4 adult leaders traveled to Macas, Ecuador for a week to serve God and His people. Partnering with a local church and its Christian day school, they helped with Vacation Bible School/day camp program. The team brought as a gift for the school educational robotics Lego sets, which made the kids very happy. Although they had a few challenges relating to kids from a different culture, that didn’t stop them from making friends and having fun. To see more pictures from this trip, please check out our Photo Gallery here.

 In addition to their work with VBS, the team rolled up their sleeves and painted ten classrooms for the school.






They also visited a local park, enjoyed a pick-up soccer game with local kids, and even joined a Zumba dance party. With the help of technology (a Spanish App on their smartphones) the teens also experienced the joy of sharing the gospel—with children and even street vendors!

 One of the most memorable experiences they had was visiting a native Indian church (the Shuar people). The hospitality and love shown to a group of foreigners touched and surprised the teens greatly. They could sense the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of these villagers, and the visit made them reflect on their own faiths and church back home.

Shuar Worship Team
Shuar village children

Here were some reflections from our teens:

“…Children who we had never met before greeted me with, “Hello, sister!” and took our hands and led us to their church… I was impressed by how the people in the village were so enthusiastic about God’s Word, which was all they really had—not all the sermons and reference books we have here in the US.”

“It really reminded me that you can serve Jesus in any language in many different ways.”

“I think my perspective on things changed and this trip showed me how fortunate we are in the United States.”

“…How luxuriously I live! The (Indian) church was nothing but sticks and a few microphones. But God doesn’t care what our church looks like. He just cares about what’s in our hearts. And if Cherrydale were to be burned to the ground tomorrow, I have no doubt that the church within our hearts would still be standing strong.”

The week grew friendships and faiths, and opened the teens’ worldviews quite a bit. Praise God for this opportunity for our teens to see God at work in such amazing ways!

If you want to read more detailed personal reflections from the team members, please click here.