• February 27, 2019

We are now in Phase II of the lead pastor search process. The Elders have received information on the three candidates chosen by the SAC and have begun evaluation of each. The Elders are currently speaking with candidate references, and a background check has been initiated for each.

Please pray for the Elders to have wisdom and discernment in the questions they ask and processing the responses they will receive. Pray for the candidates to feel peace in the waiting. Pray for the members of Cherrydale to experience unity during this important time in our church family.



As overseen by the Elders and the Search Advisory Committee, our pastoral search process has three phases. Having just completed Phase I, where the Search Advisory Committee narrowed down a large applicant pool to three candidates, we are now in Phase II. This second phase of the search process provides opportunity for the Elder Council (EC) to prayerfully evaluate the candidates recommended by the SAC.

In this phase:

  • The EC will review the full application packet containing resume, application, questionnaire, notes from the SAC’s interview of the candidates and contacts with references, sermon links, and any other information available for all the candidates recommended by the SAC.
  • The EC will conduct its own comprehensive assessment of each of the candidates recommended by the SAC, including contacting references, conducting background checks, and performing interviews.
  • The EC will rank the candidates and proceed further with the top candidate by sending at least two Elders to observe the candidate (unless the top candidate is an internal candidate).
  • This phase concludes when the EC presents a final candidate to the Cherrydale congregation for consideration.