His words were like music to my ears.  “I am now preaching every Sunday morning on what I am receiving in your class on the book of Job!” This is all the affirmation a teacher needs!  Praise the Lord!

Many were praying for the arrival of the religious visa which allows me to teach and preach legally in Cuba.  After a three-month wait, it finally arrived!

Pray that my Bible conference teaching in Cuba will be an outworking of my walk with the Lord. The first conference’s theme will be a Bible Panorama: A Survey from Genesis to Revelation. The second conference carries the theme “What happens one minute after death.”

After six weeks of uncertainty, it was finally determined that Ann’s debilitating health condition was due to an ingredient in the high blood pressure medicine she was prescribed. Now, she waits to see positive changes with the new medication.

Pray that my sleep cycle will return to normality. I “dream” of seven to eight hours rest. On another note, for the first time in many years, our daughter Teresa’s health is on the mend!

Our seminary has a new intern president, Dr. Guillermo Mendez, who used to be our student many, many years ago. Pray for success in his leadership.

As Camino Global, with whom we serve, moves toward a merger with Avant Ministries, pray for the leadership in both missions that they have wisdom from on High.

The approval of Ann’s Ph.D. dissertation drags on and on (three years now). Pray for the readers who have the privilege and responsibility of approving this document in time for graduation.

In His Grip,

Bob (and Ann)