The miracles did not seem to end.

They started at the Guatemalan airport when the agent bumped me up to business class to allow my luggage to go free, saving me $200. And then in the Havana airport, because of my special visa, I was able to enter Cuba without any problem.

My first conference was in a sleepy little hollow of 500, counting people, chickens, cattle and horses–El Roble, Cuba.  Try finding it on a map! People came from all over the area to hear the exposition of the Word. I traveled with them from Genesis to Revelation in three days.

The next stop was Cotorro, Cuba a town of 70,000. Fifty people came faithfully for three days from 17 different congregations to hear the biblical response to the question “What happens one minute after death?” The response was extremely encouraging. The days were humid and the barking dog and crowing rooster next door made competition with my microphone. The folks were not fazed one bit!

Because of your prayers and financial help, God’s miracles continue in many hearts and congregations.  Already reports are coming in of pastors using my teaching manuals in their congregations.

The Lord gave me energy; the funds amply covered all expenses and even were sufficient enough to cover part of the expenses for the next trip in October. Hopefully, Ann will be with me then. Ann’s health has been restored; I still struggle with sleep.

Thank you for being a part of this miraculous experience with your prayers and financial help.

Bob (and Ann)