When you are working hard, there’s nothing like someone showing up to come alongside you. That’s why Paul and his team kept traveling to come alongside local leaders. This week Renee and I are in the Middle East to come alongside two couples who are planting and nurturing movements of the gospel there.

One of those couples is our son and his wife. The other is an Arab national couple. Please pray: “Father I pray that You will work through David & Renee, like You worked through Paul and his team, to strengthen and encourage these pioneers and local leaders in the Middle East (Acts 14:22).”

Prayer Update:  Harmonious wisdom prevailed throughout our IET meetings. I’ve personally been praying earnestly for weeks over one day we were to spend with another team in our work. I anticipated tension and it did get tense, very tense. But in the end, we landed in harmony in a way that I believe will lead to greater progress for the gospel around the world.

David and Renee