• May 16, 2019

(This is part of a series of posts from our team serving on a short-term trip to Ethiopia)

Today started off like previous days before, except 15 minutes earlier (thanks to a dear team member). We woke up, met for breakfast, and planned to head out early to meet our students before today’s training. Typical and drama-free, or so we thought.

We were under attack and weren’t even aware of the severity of it.

One of our local partners shared about severe pain that would prevent them from staying with the team through the rest of the trip, and that potentially would lead them to seek advance medical treatment in the US. Several shared of experiences with onset of travel sickness.

What is happening and why?

We were reminded that this week’s training is not just a physical, but a spiritual battle for souls who have not heard and accepted the gospel.

Satan knows that he cannot destroy you. Too late for that. The best he can do (and he intends to make full use of it) is to make your time on earth futile and unproductive…[to] render you ineffective and paralyzed” (Priscilla Shirer, The Armor of God).

Prayers for:

  • Strength and physical endurance
  • Supernatural healing, if the Lord wills
  • His presence to continually be among us
  • Unity and continued engagement through the rest of the training
  • Rest at night
  • Students ability to learn and retain

–The Ethiopia Team