On May 25, our seminary graduated 97 students from all the different programs and levels of study. Recently we celebrated the 90th anniversary of this internationally acclaimed training center. The 3,405 alumni that are officially on record are serving in 38 countries around the world. Usually there is an average of students from 25 countries studying each year.

Because you are supporting through your gifts and prayers, you are a participant in providing servant leadership to the Spanish speaking world. Thank you!

Pray for the many, many alumni that are scattered throughout the world.

On July 1, our mission, Camino Global, will merge with Avant Ministries. Because of this coming together, more workers will be sent to the unreached; more churches will be planted where there is no church; missionaries will be better served, leading to greater effectiveness and financial resources will be more efficiently used, bringing greater savings.

The Guatemalan elections have come and gone; minimal turbulence was recorded. The run off between first and second place occurs in August. By the way, Bob is sleeping much better. Thank you for praying.

Bob and Ann