• January 26, 2021

Dear Cherrydale Family,

The Missions & Outreach Search Committee met again on January 25 and covered the following items:

1. Discussed the need for a chair and secretary.

I will serve as secretary and blogger and look forward to helping share the information with our church family.

2. Agreed upon voting thresholds as we consider resumes.

We decided to follow the voting requirements and percentages that were utilized by Biblical Community Search Committee, which involve the following:

  • To vote, a member must be present.
  • 50 percent must agree on sending an application to someone who has submitted a resume.
  • 75 percent must agree on offering an interview to an applicant.
  • 75 percent must agree on recommending an applicant to the Elders.

3. Discussed and voted on the first 10 resumes received.

Three men will be offered the opportunity to complete an application by February 7; five others will be declined. We created a third category for two men to answer a few follow-up questions within a week so that we may better evaluate their resumes.

Please continue praying for clarity and unity for the team. Additionally, pray that we can communicate the position opening through forums that will be accessed by an ethnically diverse pool of applicants. We also desire to target potential candidates who have experience with and a deep desire to serve unreached people groups, in accordance with Cherrydale’s missions focus. While there is no replacing Pastor Ed, his expertise and heart for the unreached have created pretty big shoes to fill!

Janine Buser, on behalf of the Missions and Outreach Pastor Search Committee