• February 10, 2021

Dear Cherrydale Family,

Our Missions & Outreach Pastor Search Team convened for our third meeting Monday night. We are seeking to be intentional about casting the net wide in the position posting so that we reach the most qualified applicants, including those of varied ethnic backgrounds. Filling a pastoral position is a strategic opportunity to broaden the scope of leadership at Cherrydale to better reflect the diverse backgrounds of our congregation and community.

To use our meeting time wisely, Pastors Tom and Ed had suggested we update our process for reviewing the many resumes that have been submitted. A core group of four has been filtering the resumes to remove applicants who clearly do not have enough experience or education to be considered. Our team reviewed the second group of 10 approved resumes over the past two weeks and voted to extend to two of the inquirers an invitation to complete an application. A third potential candidate is being sent an email to clarify some questions we had before we could decide whether he should be moved along in the process.

To date, we have five intriguing applicants who have been invited to complete our lengthy application.

We welcome your prayers for us to be discerning about:

  • Where else the job opening should be posted
  • How to evaluate the resumes and applications we do receive
  • Who to move on to the interview process after we have reviewed their applications

Thank you for prayerfully supporting us,

Janine Buser, on behalf of the Missions and Outreach Pastor Search Committee