• July 19, 2021

July 19, 2021

Dear Cherrydale Family,

On July 12, the Missions & Outreach Pastor Search Team reconvened to consider the newest round of applicants.  While we celebrate with Pastor Ed and Kathy Grudier on their new position overseas, we will miss Pastor Ed’s joyful and insightful leadership of our team.

Serving on this second team are Pastor Matt Gibert (pastoral administrator), Pastor Steve King, Steve H. King (elder), Andrea Carpenter (meeting leader), Chris Downer, Hanan Foley, Pam Hodge, Alphonse Mehany, Bart Taylor, and Janine Buser (secretary and blogger).

The latest round of job postings yielded 10 resumes but none of these applicants possessed the combination of educational and experiential qualifications that are needed. We will next meet July 26 and covet your prayers in the interim for the Lord to send His perfect candidate our way. May we know where to post the opening and how to word it to attract the most qualified pastor with long-term, cross-cultural missions experience and a heart for the unreached.

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Janine Buser, on behalf of the Missions and Outreach Pastor Search Committee