• November 1, 2021

Share the Gospel in Word & Deed

The Middle School group will be doing an Operation Christmas Child (OCC) shoebox packing party as a part of our Youth Group Breakout Night on Nov. 17th. Our goal is to pack 100 shoeboxes for children in impoverished areas and refugee camps throughout the world!

Here are specific ways you can be involved:

  • BRING IN A WOW ITEM! We have already collected many typical small items described in the promotional materials;, however, kids are encouraged to bring in “wow items,” like a special toy that can fit in a shoebox (e.g., small stuffed animal, deflated soccer ball with a small air pump).
  • DONATE TO HELP COVER COSTS: Donations cover shipping costs and age-appropriate Bible study booklets in their language. The cost for one shoebox, including the Bible study booklet is $15. If you would like to provide support, please donate here. For the High School group, we are encouraging small groups to sponsor shoeboxes as a group.
  • FILL A SHOEBOX: As usual, we encourage youth group kids to take an empty shoebox home to put together and sponsor as a family.
  • SERVE AS A OCC REP: Finally, we are encouraging kids to sign-up to be an OCC information representative at the OCC information table in the Go Center hall next to the Commons. Sign-up for a specific time slot.

The High School Breakout Night activity will be having a time of thanksgiving testimonies and fellowship with senior citizens from our church in the Well.

Questions? Contact Pastor Greg.