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JanUARY–May 2017 Kindred Speakers

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Meeting Date Title Speaker
5/6/2017 Radical Gratitude Ellen Vaughn
4/21/2017 Debunking the Myths of Motherhood Stacey Crosson
4/21/2017 Mentor Mom Sharing Janine Buser
4/7/2017 Prioritizing Your Marriage Jenn Baird
4/7/2017 Naturally Healthy Kim Heckler
4/7/2017 Family Devotions Marilyn Owen
3/17/2017 Parenting Fails and Gospel Hope Tom Oostdyk
3/17/2017 Mentor Mom Sharing Linda Williams
3/3/2017 Conflict in Marriage: A Biblical Way Forward Libby Cannizzaro
3/3/2017 Mentor Mom Sharing Marilyn Owen
2/17/2017 Cultivating Soul—Nourishing Habits Elizabeth Fitch
2/17/2017 Mentor Mom Sharing Jen Burkholder
2/3/2017 The Holy Spirit Marianne Tolosa
2/3/2017 Mentor Mom Sharing  Laura Hall
1/6/2017 Obey God and Leave All Consequences to Him Claire Ellison
1/6/2017 Mentor Mom Sharing   Jenn Baird