In addition to Core Classes and Bible Fellowships, we offer the following Sunday electives:

4Chair Disciple Making: Disciple Making with the Next Generation

This workshop is designed for parents, adult leaders and young people. Two roadblocks often prevent us from being better disciple makers: feelings that we are unworthy and feelings that we are inadequate. This class addresses those feelings head on, observes how Jesus made disciples, and then helps participants develop a personal disciple making strategy that is sustainable for a lifetime. View the weekly schedule of topics.

  • Recommended participants: Aged 13 and older.
  • Registration required, all household attendees may register on the same form.
  • Primary household registrant fee of $20 covers the class materials (including workbook and personal devotional guide); additional household registrants may be registered for a $10 materials fee.
  • Class meets: September 17–November 5; 9:15 am; The Well (Rm 110)
  • Teacher: Greg O’Dell & Stephen Lastova

Women’s Elective: Covenant

When you understand the dynamic concept of covenant and how thoroughly it permeates everything God says (in His Word) and does (in our lives), you’ll come to experience one of the most stabilizing and freeing truths that you’ll ever know. God’s fierce, strong loyalty towards His children may be difficult to imagine–but it can be followed as a thread woven throughout the Bible.

  • Registration required
  • Registrant fee of $24.75 covers the class workbook.
  • Class meets: September 17–December 17; 11:00 am; Room 230B
  • Teachers: Jan Wolner & Philippa Davis

Sunday Classes & Electives Schedule