In addition to ongoing adult Sunday classes, we offer the following electives:

4Chair Disciple Making: Disciple Making with the Next Generation

This workshop is designed for parents, adult leaders and young people. Two roadblocks often prevent us from being better disciple makers: feelings that we are unworthy and feelings that we are inadequate. This class addresses those feelings head on, observes how Jesus made disciples, and then helps participants develop a personal disciple making strategy that is sustainable for a lifetime.

  • Registration required, recommended participants aged 13 and older.
  • Class fee of $25 covers the class materials (including workbook and personal devotional guide).
  • Class meets: April 23–June 4; 9:15 am; The Well (Rm 110)
  • Teacher: Greg O’Dell

Building Your Marriage to Last

Learn with your spouse how to build a marriage that will last. The best days of your marriage are ahead!

  • Registration required
  • Class limited to 10 married couples
  • Class meets: April 23–June 11; 9:15 am; Room 114
  • Teachers: Tony and Siri Mitchell

Systematic Theology

This class focuses on a thematic arrangement of Christian doctrine. We’ll seek to organize and articulate our beliefs about the Bible, our Triune God, humanity and sin, salvation, the church, and the future.

  • Registration required
  • Class meets: April 23–July 9; 11:00 am; Room 116
  • Teachers: Matt Gibert and John Glisson