We’re dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment in which Cherrydale’s children can be led to faith in Jesus Christ. Our full protection policy is available upon request. Here’s an overview of how we protect the children under our care:

Check-in System

Kiosks are located by the nursery wing, in the Worship Center lobby.

Children must be checked in by a parent, guardian, or other designee. Each child participant must wear a name tag, where any food or contact allergy will be listed. If we need to reach a parent during the worship service, we’ll send a text message notification asking the parent to return to the child’s room. A child will not be released to an adult unless the security code on the pick-up tag matches the code on the child’s name tag. If a parent has lost their pick-up tag, additional verification procedures will be followed before a child will be released.

Trained & Background-checked Workers

Only Cherrydale members in good standing may serve regularly with children and only after they have submitted to a criminal background check and undergone ministry training. Our training covers topics such as appropriate forms of touch, acceptable disciplinary actions, handling special needs (including caring for a child with physical or emotional limitations), and emergency procedures.

Transparency & Accountability

No childcare worker may ever be alone with a child in a place or situation where the worker or child cannot be clearly observed by others:

  • Whenever children are in a room for any Cherrydale event, there must be two adults
  • Adults are not allowed in the restrooms (in nursery classrooms or 3rd floor classroom area)
    with a child unless the child needs assistance and another adult is present.
  • Diaper changes are done in full view of other adults, while still maintaining the privacy of the

*If an unexpected situation arises and an adult must be alone with a child, the parent is notified in person as soon as possible. These situations are then documented via email to both the parent/guardian and our Lead Pastor. All documentation is kept on file.

Well Child Policy

To promote a healthy environment for all children at our church facility, we adhere to this Well Child policy that prohibits sick children from participating in a children’s ministry event. If a child appears to become ill while in the nursery or another class, the parent will be notified and asked to remove the child from the room.