Frequently Asked Questions

Children in Worship Service

  • Why is family worship important? Children need to see and participate in the rhythms of worship—songs being sung, Scripture read out loud, sermons preached, watching new believers being baptized, and observing or partaking in communion. They greatly benefit from seeing the entire congregation unified as one body of believers, and such exposure at a young age is important as they grow and mature in their faith. We love your children and want the best for them, and family worship allows children to experience corporate worship while also providing a time for age-appropriate education and attention.
  • Should I check my child in before going to worship? Yes. As always, children who attend a class should be checked in as soon as they enter the building.
  • My child already stays with us in the worship service for the entire time. Can they continue to do so? Yes!
  • I understand that classes for younger children (infants through kindergartners) will still begin at 8:30 am and 11:15 am. But can my younger children also worship with us and then go to their class? Yes! But we ask parents to walk these little ones (Kindergartners and younger) to their class; volunteers will only be available to walk 1st–5th-graders to their classes.
  • What should families do if they attend both hours? I’m in worship service one hour but attend a class or serve during the other hour. Be sure to check your child into their class for both service times! They’re eligible to join other two-service kids, where they’ll take part in a variety of activities geared towards serving others or building community before their grade-level class begins.
    • If you participate in the 8:30 am worship service and attend Sunday class or serve during the second service, simply pick up your child after your class or service commitment. Volunteers will see that your child is checked into both service hours and will lead your child to their correct room between services.
    • If you participate in the 11:15 am worship service and attend Sunday class or serve during the first service, take your child directly to join other two-service kids in Room 326. Pick up your child by 10:45 am before heading into the 11:00 am worship service together!
  • What if my child doesn’t want to sit in the service with us? We understand that this will be a new experience for many children and we’re here to help! Please read these tips and ideas for ways to engage with your child during the worship service and contact Kelli Dudley with your questions and concerns.
  • What if my child is struggling to participate or is disruptive during service? Consider taking a quick break from the service to discuss behavior expectations; feel free to sit out for a couple of minutes until you’re ready to rejoin us. Contact Kelli Dudley so we can partner with you if your child experiences ongoing struggles during worship service.
  • How can families prepare our children for worship during the week? Gathering together for worship is an indispensable part of your family’s spiritual life, and you’ll find it’s a powerful way for God to reveal Himself to your household. In preparation for worship, consider reading through the scripture verses and listening to or singing the songs that are in the weekly Cherrydale Connections newsletter and the Cherrydale Kids email.

Transitioning from Worship Service to Class

  • How will I know when it’s time for my child to go to their class? An announcement will be made from the pulpit inviting the children to their Sunday class.
  • What happens if a child is sent out to the Commons before the sermon, but has no check-in name tag? We can’t allow a child into a classroom who hasn’t been checked into their class. If your child exits the worship center without a name tag, we’ll send them back to get you or we’ll text you. You’ll need to leave the service briefly to head to our check-in stations to securely check your child into their class.
  • During the transition time, will I need to leave the service to take my child to their class? Volunteers will be in the Commons to escort 1st–5th-graders upstairs, but parents are welcome to accompany their children to their classes. Parents who opt for their younger children (infants through kindergartners) to join them for the first part of service will need to walk their child to class.
  • How will my child know which volunteer will take him/her upstairs? Volunteers will be responsible for all children checked into their classroom.
  • How will you ensure that all children safely make it to their classes? Volunteers will perform two head counts: Once before walking upstairs and again in the classroom. A volunteer will remain in the Commons until the sermon begins, to wait for additional children coming out of the service. Finally, a volunteer will check each class to ensure that all children arrived safely.
Questions? Contact Kelli Dudley, Children’s Ministry Director.