Biblical Community Pastor Candidate: Juan David Prettel

As overseen by the Elder Council, our Biblical Community Pastor search has utilized a three-phase approach, with the church family serving in a vital role in phase 3, which involves prayer, asking questions, and voting on the Elder Council’s recommended candidate, Juan David Prettel. It is your turn to take the lead! We are praying for you as you consider affirmation of Juan David Prettel as Cherrydale’s Biblical Community Pastor.

Download the Info Packet on Juan David Prettel

Candidate Weekend (Apr. 16-18) and Vote (Apr. 25) Schedule

The following are opportunities for you to meet and ask questions of Juan David Prettel. Please engage in as much as you can and prioritize the Member Zoom Meeting on April 25.  Please submit all questions to

More Questions?

For further questions on the pastoral search process, contact our Elder Council via email at You can also contact one of the members of the Biblical Community Pastoral Search Committee: