August 12, 2019
By Kelli Dudley

“If it was God’s plan that Jesus had to die on the cross, did the Roman soldiers actually sin?”

Imagine Cubbies leader Janine Buser’s surprise when five-year-old Andrew innocently asked this deeply insightful question. Many adults have yet to ask such a question, and yet, through the Awana curriculum, Andrew had begun thinking through the topics of sin, death, and the resurrection.

When I asked Janine for more context on Andrew’s question, Janine said, “To the best of my recollection, after several weeks on Creation and Adam and Eve’s sin, and the consequences of sin, we were discussing God’s perfect remedy for our sin. Yes, they’re preschoolers, but after learning ‘God loved us and sent His Son’ (1 John 4:10), the next verses these little ones learn at Awana are ‘All have sinned’ (Romans 3:23) and ‘While we were still sinners Christ died for us,’ (Romans 5:8)… While I don’t recall any other conversations this deep, I will say that the Holy Spirit was definitely moving through each Bible time. Here were a group of kiddos who were just a few minutes ago running around, playing games, and devouring snacks, but once we settled in our Bible story area, there was a hush in the room as they sat raptly listening to the story.”

When people ask why I’m so passionate about Awana, I tell them this story. I tell them about the adults who can quote me the verses they memorized as an Awana Sparky. I tell them about the excitement that instantly washes over faces when I say “Awana.”

We are so grateful for the nearly 35 volunteers who have committed to serving in Awana this year. We are delighted at this level of commitment, and we hope you will join us in praising God for His provision! As you praise Him, please also join us in praying for the volunteers, the children, and the year. Like the Awana website says, “all children need the life-altering hope found in Jesus.”

In a change from last year, our program will now run from 6:30 pm–8:00 pm. We are excited to welcome new and returning families with this time change, as well as two- and three-year-olds—known as “Puggles”—into the Awana world.