A significant moment for the Apostle Paul on his first missionary journey was when he visited Lystra and discovered a young man totally committed to follow the Lord. His name was Timothy. He had an impeccable testimony in spite of growing up in a home where only his mother and grandmother were the spiritual leaders. Timothy was invited to be Paul’s aide and personal disciple.

The rest is biblical history.

In the midst of the sugarcane plantations of southeastern Cuba, I met a 22 year-old young man with Timothy’s same background. His name is José. I quickly sensed in him a profound sense of commitment to the Lord.

During the four days that we were together, José followed my footsteps. We learned from scriptures together and discussed the obligations to ministry. Today, José is responsible for feeding the animals on his family farm and, in his free time, he travels throughout the churches in his area teaching a Panorama of the Bible course using the same power point and manual that I left behind for him. Ultimately, he wants to marry a godly young lady and become a pastor.

Because you prayed for my ministry in Cuba, José’s story is your story. In a dark land where few diamonds for the Lord are not easily found, your prayers prevailed! Pray for José.

In His eternal grip,

Bob (and Ann)