I have recently been reminded repeatedly in Scripture not to lose heart. It is something that can easily happen to any of us when life’s rough places weigh on us and are drawn out, and we become deeply discouraged.

Today, I don’t see large numbers of souls being saved every day in Charleville, France–but what I do know is that He is working. What He has sent me to do here has a purpose, and it is not in vain. He is always working.

Thank you for praying for our showing of the film, “Risen!” on Easter Monday. No one came as a result of our city-wide publicity, but a number of unbelievers showed up because of personal relationships with church members. None of my English “students” came, but I did have one in-depth discussion with Annette*, a Catholic woman, on the topic of suffering and what the Bible has to say about it. Annette has been coming for a while to some of the church’s evening Bible studies. Pray that the Lord will give Annette a hunger to read her new large-letter Bible and draw her to the Savior.

An intern, Christina, has arrived in Charleville to work with the team for three months. She is from Germany and is a Bible institute student, additionally trained in teaching math and music. She will be accompanying me and helping during various activities, and be involved in other local ministry as well. Ask that the Lord will help her find her place on the team and in the church and allow her to both encourage and be encouraged.

Believing His word,