April 8, 2019
By Steve King

Last Sunday we faced the reality of Jesus’ exclusive claims to be the only way into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 7:13-23). He promised that if we come to Him poor in spirit and totally dependent on His work on our behalf, we can know we are in the kingdom of heaven (Matt 5:2; 1 John 5:13). When we trust in Christ alone for our salvation, we become members of His redemption and restoration team.

I love stories of those who have been born again and joyfully join Jesus in His work of reaching others. I recently learned about two such people:

  • Sir James Simpson, a doctor from Edinburgh, Scotland discovered that chloroform could be used as an anesthetic for patients undoing surgery. After becoming well-known for his medical discoveries, he was lecturing at the University of Edinburgh and was asked, “What do you consider your most valuable discovery in your lifetime?” To the surprise of his students, he replied, “My most valuable discovery was when I discovered myself a sinner and that Jesus Christ was my Savior.”
  • Pastor John Berridge was used by God to spread a lasting evangelical awakening in England. His desire to continue to preach the gospel after his death was fulfilled by the inscription he had engraved on his tombstone:

Here lay the earthly Remains of John Berridge late Vicar of Everton and an itinerant servant of Jesus Christ who loved his Master and his Work and after running on his Errands many Years was called up to wait on him above. Reader art thou born again. No salvation without a new Birth.
I was born in Sin Feb 1716.
Remained ignorant of my fallen State till 1730.
Lived proudly on Faith and Works for Salvation till 1754.
Admitted to Everton Vicarage 1755.
Fled to Jesus alone for Refuge 1756.
Fell asleep in Christ Jan 22, 1793.

Let’s all renew our commitment to act like who we are—salt and light in Jesus—and daily join Him in His work.

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter are rapidly approaching. Let’s pray for these times of worship and bring our friends with us. People are spiritually hungry, and these are opportunities we want to use to join God in His work of reaching people for Christ.

(photo from preceptaustin.org)