We drove past her trailer and stopped the van like we have been doing these past two months.  This would be our last Sunday teaching Sunday School and our second to last Sunday before we leave.

I was expecting to just pick up her two boys as usual, but when she walked out with them ready to go, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Her sons were so very happy that she was going with them. She was ready. It wasn’t forced….she was seeking.

As we drove to the church and as we sat in the service I couldn’t stop giving thanks to God for allowing me the gift of seeing this moment before we leave. Praying for her growth and that she builds friendships and support so that she can resist the temptation of drugs.

God didn’t stop there, though! Seriously, today felt like Christmas to me!

Every other Sunday we take all the kids out to lunch with us in town. It allows us to bless the kids, give their caregivers with a little break, and bless the community by providing them with A LOT of business. Most of all, we just like spending time with the kids and allowing them the chance to get out and be a part of the community here.

So we brought them somewhere new today. All 13 of us sat down, prayed for our meal, and dug in. In a short while the owner approached us and said that after hearing our prayer and seeing all our children, another customer had paid for our entire meal! We were so incredibly touched. It also made a big impression on the boys’ mom.

And so that was our morning/early afternoon! I was so thankful for those special gifts that God provided to us before we say our goodbyes.