April 22, 2019
By Steve King

This past weekend, we experienced the work of God among us!

During our Good Friday service with 15 sister churches, the love and unity around the gospel was palpable. The number of attendees grew to “standing room only,” we ran out of communion elements, and our offering for Arlington Bridge Builders was our largest ever.

On Easter Sunday, so many expressed their faith in Christ by walking forward to receive a copy of J.D. Greear’s Gospel book, that we ran out and had to order more. These responses represent many answers to prayer and are clear evidence of our Lord drawing people to Himself.

This coming Sunday, we will begin a new series, “Parables of Jesus,” and we will also have several baptisms. Consider bringing a friend with you to worship.

In the meantime, strengthen your faith by reviewing some of the following evidences (below) for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. And then let your life orbit around the living Christ every day.

Evidences for the resurrection:

  • After Jesus’ resurrection, a radical overnight shift in worldview occurred among His followers.
  • Jesus appeared over a period of 40 days, on 12 different occasions, in eight different geographic locations, to over 516 eyewitnesses.
  • The book of Acts contains 13 sermons and the theme of each is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
  • Believing Jews who clung to Saturday as the day of worship now worship on Sunday because that is the day Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Believing Jews who once said worshiping a man as God was blasphemy now worship Jesus Christ as God.
  • The Passover meal was transformed into a meal to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (what we now call “communion”).
  • Gentiles, who were considered unclean “dogs” by Jews, are now called brothers and sisters in Christ.

Jesus is alive and building His church—let’s join Him in His work!