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October 5, 2018 Kindred Speaker

October 5, 2018 Kindred Mothers

October 5, 2018 Kindred Speaker: Jaime Campbell Jaime is a local pastor’s wife and a…

September 21, 2018 Kindred Speaker

September 22, 2018 Kindred Mothers

September 21, 2018 Kindred Speaker: Libby Cannizzaro To kick off the year, Libby Cannizzaro delivered…

May 4, 2018 Kindred Speaker

May 4, 2018 Kindred Mothers

May 4, 2018 Kindred Speaker: Libby Cannizzaro To conclude our year “In the Garden”, Libby…

April 20, 2018 Kindred Speaker

April 20, 2018 Kindred Mothers

April 20, 2018 Kindred Speaker: Robbie Archer Do you ever have trouble understanding or finding…

April 6, 2018: Kindred Speaker

April 6, 2018 Kindred Mothers

April 6, 2018 Kindred Message: Tara Sanders Together, we’ll take a look at some life-giving hope…

March 16, 2018: Kindred Speaker

March 16, 2018 Kindred Mothers

Gay Brown’s Mar. 16, 2018 Kindred Message How do you decide who you are and…

The Heart of Anger, post by Laura Moore

March 12, 2018 Kindred Mothers

The Heart of Anger by Laura Moore Dear Mama, Do you sometimes struggle with anger-management…

February 16, 2018: Kindred Speaker

February 16, 2018 Kindred Mothers

Elizabeth Law’s Feb. 16, 2018 Kindred Message Feeling like a wilted flower some days? In…

February 2, 2018: Kindred Speaker

February 2, 2018 Kindred Mothers

Carole Schryber’s Feb. 2, 2018 Kindred Message Carole Schryber gave us a closer look at the story…

January 19, 2018: Kindred Speaker

January 29, 2018 Kindred Mothers

Francie Winslow’s January 19th Kindred Message Francie Winslow returned to Kindred to share a message…

December 1, 2017: Kindred Speaker

December 5, 2017 Kindred Mothers

Mae Belle King’s Dec. 1st Kindred Message Mae Belle King—wife to Cherrydale’s beloved senior pastor,…

November 17, 2017: Kindred Speaker

November 21, 2017 Kindred Mothers

Jaime Campbell’s Nov. 17th Kindred Message Jaime Campbell, a pastor’s wife and seminary grad, spoke…

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