The issues of race, racism, and injustice are at the forefront of our national and even global conversation. Understandably, many in our congregation have been deeply affected by recent events and they are searching for gospel-centered ways to process the acts of injustice that are filling our headlines.

Cherrydale desires to respond in a way that provides care for those who are hurting, guidance for those who are confused, and new awareness to those who do not see a problem. With that in mind, our Elder Council has proposed the following goals:


  • To face the issues of racism and injustice in a biblically grounded, gospel-centered, and relational way
  • To equip our church family by providing a variety of learning opportunities on how to process these issues through a biblical lens
  • To express our hope for biblical unity in ethnic diversity as we seek to become agents of reconciliation in our church family and beyond


Toward these ends, we have encouraged our church family to pray and consider joining one or both of the following initiatives for learning and processing this issue together: 

Conversations on Race and the Gospel

Small group settings are generally the best environment for processing these tough issues in community together as the Body of Christ. This fall, we launched “Conversations on Race and the Gospel” – small groups for learning, discussing, processing, and applying biblical truth related to race, racism, and justice.

These Conversations Groups are reading through two books together that we believe will be useful:

Trained leaders from our church family are leading the Conversation Groups, which are meeting wherever is safest due to COVID-19, either on Zoom, in person, or an in-person/Zoom hybrid format.

Because our ability to offer these groups depends on having enough trained leaders, these groups are currently full. We encourage you to plan on attending the upcoming seminar below or contact for more information.

Seminar on Christian Unity in Ethnic Diversity

Another learning opportunity this fall will be a churchwide seminar on October 18th from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at which Cherrydale elders will teach through their position paper on the issue of Christian unity in ethnic diversity (released soon). This will be a chance to hear biblical teaching from our church leaders and pray together as a church family. The seminar will be held in person in our Worship Center and will be available via livestream as well.

Our prayer is that Cherrydale would be a grace-infused environment in which you feel safe to wrestle with questions and to express your feelings with gentleness and love for one another.

We invite your comments, questions, and concerns at