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Friday, December 22nd, 2017

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Pentagon City Row Ice Rink

1201 S Joyce St
Virgi 22202

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Hey C3 Fam!

Who's ready to bust out their ice skating moves? Just don't bust the rink walls like that poor chick. That would be waaaay too much paperwork for me to fill out. And Brostova does not like paperwork. But, if one of you does crush through the walls, please do it while dabbing--we'll use video footage of your glorious moment to advertise C3 with rest of the church.

Anywho, our 2nd Friday gathering will be at the Pentagon Row Skating Rink in Crystal City! Parking is easy with the Pentagon Mall right there, and we'll all meet at the Starbucks right around the rink and grab a hot beverage to keep us warm on the ice.

We'll skate for an hour and then around 8pm release y'all to grab a late dinner! My vote is for Palette 22 just down the road in Shirlington Village (http://www.palette22.com/)! It's a hip, YA hotspot with international small plate street food.

Hope to see y'all there! Invite a friend! Invite 2!

Muchas Amore ♥,
Brostova & The C3 Leaders