We All Need Help

It can be hard to ask for help because we sometimes feel ashamed. The Bible teaches that we are all in a place of need—of forgiveness and reconciliation with God. When we turn from our sin and place our faith in Christ, we no longer need to hide; we are made new, forgiven, and adopted into God’s family forever.

Yet, we still have needs on this earth—financial, emotional, spiritual, relational, and in other ways. God uses the body of Christ to help us grow spiritually and receive tangible care. We can rest in what is true of us in Christ as we reach out for help.

The following Cherrydale ministries are available to help you in time of need:


Elder Council Shepherding
Each Cherrydale elder is responsible for a group of members to shepherd in their walk with Christ. In times of need, your shepherding elder desires and longs for you to turn to him for care, prayer, and guidance. If you do not know who your shepherding elder is, please contact our church office.

Lay Counseling Ministry
While each of our pastors meet with members of the church family for biblical counseling, we also have a team of trained lay counselors of both genders who are equipped to intentionally walk with members of the body. Using Ephesians 4:22–24 as our model for biblical counseling, we offer intensive discipleship emphasizing God’s word in believers’ lives to give hope and bring about heart and life change. Learn more.

Women’s Care & Counsel Deacons
A team of female deacons come alongside the shepherding elders to provide additional care and counseling to women in spiritually challenging times. They provide a listening ear, prayer, and encouragement to women and supportive insight to the pastors and elders in tough situations, such as marital conflict. These women have been called by the Elder Council to serve and have been affirmed by the church family in this church office. They receive training from our ministry staff and lay counseling team. If you are a female Cherrydale member who may feel more comfortable in speaking with a woman in your challenging circumstance, please reach out to one of these deacons.

Professional Counseling
For those in need of professional counseling, our pastors can make a referral based on your need. One counseling practice we refer to frequently and support is HeartSong Counseling in Northern Virginia. Please contact a pastor or a member of our ministry staff for a referral.


Prayer Ministry
There are many ways to request and receive prayer. You mail email a prayer request and indicate whether it’s confidential or may be shared with the church family. If confidential, only the church staff and pastors will pray for it. Otherwise, your prayer request will be shared in our weekly Prayer Prompter, which is made available through our weekly Connections email. In addition, Elders and Cherrydale ministry staff are available for prayer on Sunday mornings, sometimes during the service at the front but also afterwards on any given Sunday. Please visit our Connections Area in the Commons to request prayer or contact our church office.

Care Ministry
Caring for one another in tangible ways as a church family is a visible reflection of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Care Deacons oversee several ministries that include help with rides to and from church, meals during a tough season, and other areas of support for Cherrydale members. Please reach out for help by completing this form.

Benevolent Fund
The Benevolent Fund consists of donations by the church family to be available as a ministry to Cherrydale members in need. The process includes contacting one of our Benevolent Fund Deacons or our church office and completing a short form. Types of assistance includes help with rent and medical bills. Request help.