Many members of the body of Christ are deeply troubled, struggling, and suffering. Stress, anxiety, illness, physical pain, brokenness, ruptured relationships, despair, and spiritual battles are common. While other God-given resources are available to us, Scripture reminds us that in the midst of these situations we are to pray…and to ask others to pray for us. God promises to hear and answer these prayers, though not always as we expect: How, when, and what He does is entirely up to Him. Our responsibility is to pray—boldly, confidently, and dependently.

Cherrydale’s Prayer Team

Members of our prayer team are Cherrydale Baptist Church members in good standing, have completed a basic ministry training conducted by the prayer ministry, and are discerned to be relationally healthy. Prayer team members are not counselors or therapists. Interested in joining our team?

Can We Pray For You?

Individual prayer sessions can be made by appointment. Email

After COVID, we hope to be able to resume our practice of having prayer teams being available every Sunday morning for a period of time in the Prayer Room (Rm 311 on the upper balcony level above the Commons). Additionally, members of the prayer ministry were available in the Worship Center the 3rd Sunday of each month during communion.

When You Come For Prayer

Whether you come for walk-in prayer or make an individual appointment, you can expect:

  • To be welcomed warmly and graciously by a team of two people,
  • To be listened to compassionately,
  • To be taken seriously,
  • To be prayed for and to also wait quietly in the presence of the Holy Spirit,
  • To be touched appropriately and only with your permission,
  • To have your sharing appropriately held in confidence,
  • That you will be invited to receive additional prayer—most of our prayer concerns didn’t develop overnight and will not disappear instantly.