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Are You Facing the Reality That Jesus Unveils?

Jesus came to pull back the veil, take off our blinders, and tell us the truth about God, ourselves, and the world we live in. If we embrace His revel... Read More

How are You Responding to the Seed of God’s Word?

Jesus tells us that the word of God, the gospel, is like a seed and our hearts are like soil – some hard, some shallow, some weed infested, and ... Read More

Facing Reality with Jesus

Jesus begins his conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount with a jarring exposure to three realities he wants us to face: the reality of two gates, the r... Read More

Discerning, Repentant Servants of God, or Gullible, Log-Eyed Judges

Jesus helps us with three questions – how to hold moral convictions without being judgmental; how to help others while we struggle; and how do w... Read More

Anxiety: Its Cause and Cure (According to Jesus)

Jesus commands us not to worry three times and then lets us know its cause and cure. He links the cure to three C’s – Consider, Count on, ... Read More

Our Father’s Reward

Jesus warns his disciples about practicing their righteousness before people to be noticed by them. The cure, whether it is giving, praying, forgiving... Read More

Jesus Alone Fulfills What He Requires of Us

Jesus makes an astounding claim – the Law and the Prophets (the Old Testament) is fulfilled in Him and this word of God, every jot and tittle of... Read More

The Be-Atitudes: Citizens of the Now-Not-Yet Kingdom

The eight beatitudes Jesus declares are “birthmarks” of the born again, for these can only be manifested in the lives of those made new in... Read More

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