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Bless the Lord, O My Soul – Psalm 103

Some psalms are addressed to God and some are directed toward other people, but in Psalm 103, we find the psalmist King David talking to himself. Davi... Read More

The Mystery of Suffering – Psalm 73

Pursue the Lord who is the strength of our heart and our refuge forever. ... Read More

The Throne Only Seats One King – Psalm 47

People who submit to God as King passionately praise Him. We have a king, a master, an ultimate heart treasure to whom we submit and praise. If God, t... Read More

The Happy Truth of God’s Forgiveness – Psalm 32

Un-confessed sin rots our hearts. Acknowledging our sin to God produces all-surpassing joy. That’s the happy truth of Psalm 32. In Christ, our t... Read More

Take Refuge in the Son – Psalm 2

The opening question of our psalm this morning, “Why do the nations rage?” is as relevant today as it was when it was written thousands of... Read More

Enter by the Narrow Gate and Live – Psalm 1

Sometimes hearing bad news can save us. Psalm 1 presents sobering news. Those who rebel against God will perish. But those who are made righteous will... Read More

Saved for the Joy of the Nations – Psalm 67

Psalm 67 is a prayerful song that reflects God’s heart back to Him. God desires to bless a People from every people group on earth so that they migh... Read More

Always Begin and End Here

Psalm 113 is a perfect Psalm to end one year and launch into another. It begins and ends with praise to the LORD and in the middle, it tells us why an... Read More

He Came to Reign Forever

Psalm 110 is not only the most quoted psalm in all of the New Testament, but it also contains the most quoted verse in all of the New Testament—Psal... Read More

Restful or Restless

We all long for a sense of rest and internal stability. Psalm 95 teaches us that consistent worship of the one true God brings constant rest to our so... Read More

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