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Good News: God is Jealous for You

Paul builds his argument to flee idolatry by reminding the Corinthian Christians of God’s jealousy for them. God’s jealousy is His holy, u... Read More

Saved to Sin No More

Paul is clear: The church is filled with people who once were characterized by sin. But the church has been washed in Jesus’s name and empowered... Read More

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Church Part 1

Read More

Reality Check

The Christians in Corinth drifted away from the centrality of the gospel, leading to division in the church. Paul gives them a Gospel-centered reality... Read More

Dealing with Division

Division in the local church has been a problem from its early days, as illustrated by the church planted by the apostle Paul at Corinth, Greece. This... Read More

Always Start Here

The annual new year “resolution revolution” has a fatal flaw in it. Resolutions are built on willpower and faith in yourself. God’s ... Read More

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