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Running for His Pleasure

In Isaiah 6:1-13 the prophet Isaiah enters the throne room of God. He encounters, experiences, and embraces God’s brilliant glory and responds b... Read More

Christ Alone

Jesus Christ sits on a solitary throne with no close rivals and he alone is sufficient to give us salvation. The implications of this truth are life-c... Read More

Security – Living by Faith in Christ Alone

Paul declared that we are saved by faith alone apart from works and James seems to say the exact opposite. One is justified by works and not by faith ... Read More

What is So Amazing About Grace?

Grace is a gift – God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense. Ephesians 2:1-10 tells us three life-transformative truths about God’s gra... Read More

A Trustworthy Bible or a God of Your Own Making?

The reformers rallied around Sola Scriptura, Scripture alone. What does this mean? How is it supported? So what? ... Read More

Four Questions

What was the spark that lit the fires of the Protestant Reformation and refreshed security and freedom in Christ for believers? We review the church h... Read More

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