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Always Begin and End Here

Psalm 113 is a perfect Psalm to end one year and launch into another. It begins and ends with praise to the LORD and in the middle, it tells us why an... Read More

Restful or Restless

We all long for a sense of rest and internal stability. Psalm 95 teaches us that consistent worship of the one true God brings constant rest to our so... Read More

He Came to Be Our Refuge

Does trouble persist? Yes, cries the reply. The consequences of sin have caused all creation to groan and limp. Yet, in the midst of trouble God stand... Read More


“Why?” is the only question recorded in Scripture that Jesus asked God the Father. Psalm 22 points us to Jesus Christ – the ultimate... Read More

A Royal Pain or a Blessed Refuge?

The Psalm opens with a description of people seeing God and His Anointed Messiah as a Royal Pain (2:1-3) and closes with a call to submit to the King ... Read More

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