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The Mystery of Suffering – Psalm 73

Pursue the Lord who is the strength of our heart and our refuge forever. ... Read More

Discerning, Repentant Servants of God, or Gullible, Log-Eyed Judges

Jesus helps us with three questions – how to hold moral convictions without being judgmental; how to help others while we struggle; and how do w... Read More

Uncertain? Give and Live!

Four times we are reminded in this passage – we do not know. This is a text about uncertainty. We are given three commands about stewarding our ... Read More

The Power of Wisdom & the Danger of Folly

How do we evaluate leaders—both past and present? What makes a wise leader? And how can we spot a foolish leader who might say things we want to hea... Read More

How to Live Wisely with Authorities and Mysteries

We all have authorities in our lives and always will. Learning how to wisely relate to them is an essential life skill. We all will face mysteries; un... Read More

The Wisdom of a God-Centered Life

Every day we see the ugliness of life in a fallen world but often fail to see the amazing grace of God at the same time. Our passage shows us what it ... Read More

Fear God or Be Foolish

The book of Ecclesiastes is a compelling call to live a God-centered life and thus concludes by urging us to fear God. Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 makes this p... Read More

Living Wisely in a Worrisome World

The world is indeed worrisome yet God longs for us to tap into His provisions for wise living. We will learn three specific insights that will show us... Read More

Life as Gift or Gain?

The author of Ecclesiastes examines life from a privileged position of a wise, wealthy, gifted king who seeks to gain stability, meaning, and purpose ... Read More

Reality Check

The Christians in Corinth drifted away from the centrality of the gospel, leading to division in the church. Paul gives them a Gospel-centered reality... Read More

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