Do you lead a small group, Bible study, or other Cherrydale ministry and want to keep meeting during the coronavirus situation?

In light of the COVID-19 issue and all the resulting restrictions and recommendations, Cherrydale has decided that ALL Cherrydale ministries, including small groups, are required to follow current CDC guidelines. This will necessitate virtual options for meeting until CDC guidelines change and allow us to start meeting in groups again.

You can use whichever platform you are most comfortable using for getting your group to meet virtually. Here are two good options:


This is a great option. You are able to use Zoom for free, but it limits your meeting time to 40 min. You can learn how to set up Zoom meeting for free here. Choose the “Free” option and then it walks you through the steps of setting up a meeting. If you want to spend more than 40 minutes together as a group (which we assume you would), you could get two people in the group to set up a free Zoom account and then just schedule back-to-back 40 min. meetings.  ​

Google Hangout

Other Cherrydale ministries have utilized Google Hangout, which does not have a time limit. You can find instructions for setting up Hangouts here. Participants will need to make sure their system is up-to-date, and that they have downloaded the Hangouts app on whichever device they will use for the call (computer, phone, or tablet).

Tech Support

We recommend someone in your group volunteer to serve as tech support to help those members who may be less tech-savvy. We also have a few Cherrydale volunteers who are able to provide tech support. Please email to request support. If certain group members are not able to meet virtually, please reach out to them individually to connect via phone. We pray one of these options works well for you!

If you have any questions on this, please just contact us at It would be good to maintain your meetings virtually during this time. Your group members may need the connectivity, encouragement, and support of your group more than ever during this time of isolation.