What is Fostering?

As a foster parent (or ‘resource parent’ as more agencies are calling it), you play an important role in a child’s life and have the opportunity to provide much-needed love and care. You are responsible for the temporary care and nurturing of a child who has been placed outside his or her own home due to abuse or neglect. During a time of disruption and change, you are giving a child a home, love and a family. At the same time, your role includes working with the caseworker and the child’s family so that the child can return home safely, when appropriate. In many instances, a child is placed outside of his or her home for a short period of time while the birth parents or family receive the support and services needed to make it possible for the child to be reunited with them. Other children may need an alternative plan to aid them in finding a safe, loving, permanent home. In those instances many foster parents choose to become that permanent home through adoption.

For more information on becoming a foster parent, please contact your local department of social services or the Virginia Department of Social Services.

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