Since 1967, Bob and Noél’s primary ministry in Peru has been church planting, with a goal of seeing churches established in every town–even small towns with a poor economic base. Their work of establishing churches developed in the mountain and valley towns within a radius of about 200 miles from Arequipa. Though most of the towns now have roads, in their earlier years of ministry, Bob and Noél had to visit many of these places by foot or by mule-back, sometimes walking up to 15 hours from the end of the road. Oftentimes it was in the most inaccessible places where hearts were most open to the Gospel: Over the years, they have seen over 60 churches established. Bob presents occasional seminars to equip the local men whom God raised up to lead these churches. Additionally, he provides counseling and encouragement to Peruvian national workers who have taken the responsibility of ministering to the elders and churches of their particular geographic area.

In addition to their church-planting ministry, Bob and Noél partner with six churches in the city of Arequipa (population about 900,000). Bob’s responsibilities include prayer, preaching and teaching, counseling and discipleship, evangelism, and visitation. Noél organizes and prepares materials for the Sunday Schools and also helps with a weekly ladies’ meeting.

Noél also has an active ministry at the Ebenezer Christian School that is adjacent to their main Arequipa church. Noel devotes much of her time to teaching and developing materials for teaching God’s Word from 4th Grade up through High School, and has made a Basic English manual.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with Bob and Noél’s ministry, we’ll share their blog posts here on our Missions blog and you can follow them directly at their website, Bob and Noél Rich: Serving Christ in Peru. Additionally, Bob and Noél’s prayer requests are regularly included in our Missionary Prayer Calendar. If you would like further information about any of our missionaries, please contact us.