Rob and Almaz train and work with farmers in Ethiopia to make family-owned, easily-maintainable water wells with simple appropriate technology, using only locally available and affordable materials.

Rob is a Water For All International (WFA) employee. In Ethiopia, Rob and Almaz’s work is carried out under the umbrella of a local partner non-profit organization called Ethiopia Addis Kidan Baptist Church Welfare and Development Association (Addis Kidan). Addis Kidan registers the project and handles the bureaucratic load, while WFA funds the project and Rob volunteers for Addis Kidan to orchestrate the field work.

Rob and Almaz’s pilot project was an intensive practical training program in which they trained nine Ethiopian men how to do metal work, make drilling tools, drill boreholes, make pumps, install pumps, and maintain pumps. During the training, they made 27 wells in a nearby community. Upon the completion of that project, Addis Kidan was permitted an extension project in which Rob leads trained men, who in turn lead well clubs and make wells. Five trained men are currently working with Rob and Almaz full-time, fulfilling one of Rob’s dreams of having a good team of rural Ethiopian guys working independently.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with Rob and Almaz’s ministry, we’ll share their blog posts here on our Missions blog and you can follow them directly at their website, Water for All International: Ethiopia. Due to security reasons, we limit the information publicly shared about Rob and Almaz’s ministry. We invite you to join us in praying specifically for a Cherrydale missionary each day; Rob and Almaz’s prayer requests are regularly included in our Prayer Prompter available in our weekly Connections email. If you would like further information about any of our missionaries, please contact us.