Reflections from the mission trip team

In 2017, as part of our Focus for Four initiative to spread the gospel to the Kalal, Cherrydale sent a team to India. These are the experiences of the team.

Led by the Spirit

“The Almighty Father had me on this mission trip to share His love that He shows me to others. I cannot have imaged that I would ever be one to share the gospel in a foreign land with an interpreter. God truly is one to use the least likely person to do His work… I was moved by how the Holy Spirit led me to three young men to share my testimony. I had been praying prior to the trip that God would use my testimony to open hearts to His love. God used my fifty years of being a lost soul to open the ears of these men to who Jesus is and then to see the three accept Christ in their hearts was a glorifying experience I will never forget.”

Some sow, others reap

“My translator reminded me of God’s word that some sow and others reap; sometimes we are the ones who sow that which we will not reap and other times will reap that which we did not sow. On the fourth day, I experienced the “reaping” … [We met] a young woman [who already] had a Bible, copy of the New Testament, and gospel track given to her by her sister who was a believer. [She] told me that she wanted to know who Jesus was. This reminded me of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts who asked Phillip “how can I [understand], unless someone guides me?” This young lady desired to understand who Jesus is.”

Witnessing God’s provision unfold

“The dilemma—to become part of the church meant the Kalal lost their means to support themselves [making palm wine]…While I knew intellectually that since God chose these Kalal to be in His family, He would bring solutions for their dilemma, I still fretted and prayed a lot about it…My faith was changed by seeing the tangible evidence of God’s solutions unfolding. The Indian Evangelist instituted self-help training programs to teach crafts (e.g., soap-making) as platforms for evangelism. The Kalal have begun to adapt the crafts into entrepreneurial ways of earning income. Praise God for His provision! I believe my faith is strengthened by witnessing this all unfold. I believe I will ‘be still’ in my countenance in future times of waiting for God’s provision to unfold.”

Trusting in God

“God saw to every single detail so that I was able to share and deliver the care He intended, according to His will… My faith has been exercised, stretched and strengthened because of this trip. God has taught me so much more about His character, specifically His love, faithfulness and how the gospel alone transforms lives… I have come away from this experience so inspired and yearning for what they [our local translators] possess… total surrender to Christ.”

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