Church Leadership & Staff

We’re led by a group of caring individuals who seek the Lord’s will in their lives and in the direction of our church. Below you’ll find information on our elders and our administrative staff, all of whom work together to provide direction and support to the church.

We have others in vital roles to our church, too—learn more about our deacons and committee members.


Randy Burkholder

Chairman of the Elder Council

John Downer

Secretary of the Elder Council

Greg DuHart


Matt Gibert

Associate Pastor, Elder

Sunday Classes, Marriage, Membership, Care

Ed Grudier

Senior Associate Pastor, Elder

Missions, Budget, Small Groups

Wayne Hsu


Steve King

Senior Pastor Emeritus, Elder

Shepherding, Kingdom Partnerships

Steve H. King


Vice-Chairman of the Elder Council

Mike Layman


Greg O’Dell

Associate Pastor, Elder

Youth, Facilities

Tom Oostdyk

Lead Pastor, Elder

Preaching, Leadership

Lindy Wolner


Niki Abreu


Kristin Brown

Communications Director/Women's Ministry Coordinator

Leah Brown

Administrative Support

Mitchell Downing

Director, Camp Kids Place, LLC

Ben Dronfield

Facilities Team

Kelli Dudley


Children's Ministry

Rachel Kinder

Children's Ministry Assistant

David Loebsack

Interim Worship Director

Cindy Lord

Support Staff Manager

Brian McDonald

Facilities Manager

Jessi McDonald

Administrative Support

Nate Reed

Facilities Team

Jack Spitler

Facilities Team

Jamie Tolosa

Production Director

Marianne Tolosa

Graphic Designer

Astrit Xhepa

Facilities Team