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Pastor Greg O’Dell—or PG, as the teens like to call him—has a heart for a lifetime of ministry to teens and their parents. He joined the Cherrydale staff in August 2010 and previously served for 15 years as Youth Pastor at Evangel Baptist Church in Youngstown, Ohio.

Greg was lead to Christ by his mom and considers the legacy of his parents and grandparents to be the greatest influence for Christ in his life. Greg and his wife Becky both attended Cedarville University but didn’t meet until Greg’s sister married Becky’s brother. A year and a half later, in 1989, Greg and Becky tied the knot.

The first year of their marriage Becky completed her Master’s degree in Elementary Education at the State University of New York in Cortland, NY. The next five years they lived in Dallas, Texas where Greg attended Dallas Theological Seminary and earned his Master of Theology (ThM) degree. He likes to say that he crammed the four year program into five while Becky taught school, he ran a swimming pool maintenance business, while they both were live-in night managers at a retirement complex, and involved in local church ministry.

PG and Becky have three children, daughter Jerusha, daughter Mesha, and son Stefan. All three are now young adults. The whole family loves the Dallas Cowboys. Greg loves to listen to audio books while doing home improvement projects and prefers Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks any day. Becky reads books like they are going out of style and is a hospitality/cooking queen.

Where were you born?
Born in Flint, Michigan, but from age 4 grew up in Fort Myers, Florida.

Model Railroading: HO Scale; home remodeling; fixing things; organizing stuff; doing all of the above while listening to audio books and podcasts

Favorite Food
A fine cut of steak swimming in a sauté of mushrooms and onions.

Favorite Book
The Little Engine that Could

Favorite Author
Robert Ludlum

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream
Butter Pecan

Funniest and/or fondest childhood memory
Fishing with Grandpa in Quebec.

Favorite Scripture Passage
Proverbs 3; Romans 8

Trademark saying
When you are in touch with your inner idiot, it’s easier to stay in touch with God.

If I had a different job I would be . . .
A Youth Ministry Seminary Professor.

Nobody knows that I still . . .
wonder what I am going to be when I grow up.

If I could ask God one question it would be: