Steve Hensley, an Ohio native, learned tenets of the faith attending church as a child with his family. As a teenager, Steve worked for a man who talked about Christ, the Bible, and the Great Commission with a conviction Steve had not heard expressed in his own church, which practiced infant baptism and reinforced its cultural heritage but had never stressed biblical authority.
At age 18, with the help of godly influences, Steve began to pursue repentance and to accept God’s Word as ultimate authority. Soon thereafter he professed Christ, understood the basis of salvation, was baptized, and joined a small Bible-based fellowship where he served as choir director. After completing his education in music and modern languages, he came to the DC area, joining Cherrydale a few years later.
Steve has served with People of the World Sunday class, Boys Brigade, Chinese Bible Study, Missions Committee, and as a deacon. He currently leads a men’s small group and serves in the worship ministry. He works in international trade compliance.