Core classes focus on central Christian doctrines and equip participants for practical life application of these core biblical truths. Core classes are organized into three tracks and are offered on a repeating two-year schedule every fall, winter, and spring.​

Cherrydale Core Classes

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Course Descriptions

Christian Basics Track

Christianity Explored

Explore what life is all about: In each session, you’ll have the chance to look at the life of Jesus for yourself and ask any question. We won’t ask you to sing, pray, or read aloud, and you don’t need to know anything about the Bible to participate. If you want to know more about who Jesus is and why He matters, please come and explore Christianity with us! ↑top

Personal Devotion & Disciplines

Learn the basic but vital disciplines of the Christian faith, including worship, prayer, Scripture study, meditation, memorization, and more. Learn why these disciplines are central to helping us grow in godliness, and receive practical suggestions for cultivating them in your personal pursuit of God. ↑top

How to Study the Bible

Have you ever wondered how to read the Bible? Have you ever struggled with studying it yourself? Should we read one book of the Bible the same way we read another? This class will cover a study of proper theories and methods of Bible interpretation and provide actual practice in interpreting a text of Scripture. The goal of the class is to inspire a greater love for God by teaching you how to read, interpret, and apply His Word as a faithful follower of Jesus. ↑top

Living as a Church

What is a local church? What should it do and how should it function? What are the responsibilities and privileges of church membership? Is membership even necessary? How can we go about caring for one another as members of one body in Christ? We will answer these questions as we explore what it means to be a meaningful member of a local church. ↑top

The Great Commission: Making Disciples from Arlington to the Ends of the Earth

The first part of the class will focus on how to share the gospel and disciple a brand new believer. The second part will cover how to engage in cross-cultural disciple-making, whether locally or globally. The third part of the course will cover global disciple-making. ↑top

Bible & Theology Track

Old Testament Overview, Part 1

This core class provides a basic introduction to the content and theology of the first half of the Old Testament from Genesis to Esther. You’ll learn the basic arguments and major contributions of each book of the law along with Israel’s history, with the goal of gaining a greater love of God through increased knowledge of His Word. ↑top

Old Testament Overview, Part 2

This core class provides a basic introduction to the content and theology of the second half of the Old Testament from Job to Malachi. You will learn the basic arguments and major contributions of the Bible’s poetic, wisdom, and prophetic literature, with the goal of gaining a greater love of God through increased knowledge of His Word. ↑top

New Testament Overview

This core class will provide a basic introduction to the content and theology of the New Testament, covering Jesus’ life and ministry in the gospels, the growth of the early church in Acts, and the core Christian doctrine in the letters, to God’s glorious picture of the future in Revelation. Learn the basic arguments and major contributions of each New Testament book and gain a greater love for God through increased knowledge of His Word. ↑top

Progress of Redemption: Biblical Theology

Does the Bible ever feel like a random collection of disconnected books? Have you ever wondered how all the stories, events, and teachings of the Bible relate and fit together? We will introduce you to the basics of biblical theology—a study of the historical progression of God’s revelation and His singular redemptive plan for humanity that unifies all Scripture. Join us as we explore the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. ↑top

Foundations of the Faith: A Systematic Theology

Would you like to know more about the basic beliefs of Christianity? Would you like to know the biblical bases for these beliefs? This core class provides a basic introduction to systematic theology, which considers the major doctrines of the Christian faith in an orderly, thematic arrangement. Join us as we seek to organize and articulate our beliefs about the Bible, God, humanity, sin, salvation, the church, and the end times. ↑top

Church History

Covering the Acts of the Apostles and the early councils and creeds, through the Middle Ages and the Reformation, to the rapid global expansion of Christianity in the last century, this class focuses on God’s gracious work of building His church over the past 2,000 years. You’ll learn how God has established, strengthened, and protected His church throughout the ages. Join us as we consider how to hold fast to the faith of our forebearers while avoiding the pitfalls of the past. ↑top

Christian Living Track

Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? Do men and women have different God-given roles, or are gender and sexuality “fluid”—as many in our culture might suggest? Thankfully, God has spoken definitively on these very issues. In this core class, we will study what His Word says about manhood and womanhood. ↑top

Singleness & Dating

What does the Bible have to say about singleness? In churches that place a high value on marriage and family, why is it often difficult for single Christians to embrace their station and feel like meaningful members? What should dating or courtship like between two faithful Christians? In this core class, we will explore a healthy theology of singleness and consider together biblical principles for pursuing marriage within God’s will. ↑top


What is the ultimate purpose of marriage? How has God called married couples to live together as husband and wife? In this core class, we will establish a biblical theology of marriage and consider together practical principles in areas like communication, conflict resolution, roles, ministry, finances, intimacy, sex, and divorce. Our goal is to help you honor, build, or sustain your marriage. ↑top


This core class presents a theology of parenthood while providing practical, biblical principles for Christians seeking to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Among the issues we will consider together are: The goals and purposes of parenthood, family worship and discipleship, formative and corrective discipline, unique challenges, and transitions. Whether you have children at home, on the way, or you simply want to grow in your knowledge of Christian parenting, join us for our study of biblical parenthood. ↑top

Work & the Workplace

Why do you work? What’s the significance of your work? What story does your work tell to others? More importantly, who is at the center of your work? In this core class, we will establish God’s purposes for work and consider together how God’s redemption in Christ informs our work and the contributions we make as Christians to our respective workplaces. ↑top

Money & Finances

Consider the phrases: “Money makes the world go ’round!” and “Money buys happiness!” These are the promises of the world’s economy, but God’s economy work according to a different central principle—stewardship. In this core class, we will develop a biblical theology of money and consider the specific, practical ways that God’s Word guides us on managing our finances and possessions. ↑top