Worship and Sunday Classes

Children are an important part of our church family, and we want Sundays to be safe, engaging, and profitable in helping them become all that God has planned for them. They are invited to:

  • Join their parents for the entire worship service or attend an optional Children’s Message (11:15 am only) for 1st-5th graders during the sermon.
  • Participate in Sunday School class during the 10:00–11:00 AM class hour.

See details below!

Worship Service | 8:30 AM or 11:15 AM

Corporate Worship in the Worship Center

  • All children (infants — 5th grade) are welcome to attend the corporate worship service as we long for them to experience intergenerational worship! View tips and ideas about family worship.

Optional Children’s Message (11:15 am service)

  • An optional Children’s Message is offered during the 11:15 am service for those children in 1st–5th grades who would like to attend. If your children can stay, we encourage them to stay!
  • The children will head to the Commons after the scripture reading and be escorted to the Children’s Message location. After the sermon, the children will come back into the Worship Center for the remainder of the service. Before the children leave, remind them to remember where you’re sitting; however, volunteers will help any children who need help finding you.
  • The Children’s Message is a 25-minute message that will follow the same scripture and theme as the sermon.

Nursery for Newborns – Kindergartners

  • Check your child into the nursery before service starts. Check-in does not apply to children who remain with their parents for the entire worship service.
  • Newborns through Kindergartners may be dropped off at their rooms before service begins.
  • Alternately, younger children may join parents for the first part of worship service and then transition to the nursery during the sermon. We ask parents to walk their little ones (kindergartners and younger) to their classrooms.

Sunday Classes | 10:00–11:00 AM

Please escort your child safely to their class location. Children are not allowed to leave their classes unless escorted by their parent or other adult. Parents should pick up their children on time. 

PreK–5th Grades

  • Check your child into their class. Children may join their class as early as 9:45 am, but please not earlier.  
  • Sunday School will begin the hour with 15 minutes of fellowship that includes bagels and beverages and then move on to age-specific teaching that will include a Bible lesson with object lessons, games, discussions, and other teaching methods.
  • For PreK – 5th grade, we use a curriculum called Gospel StoryThis curriculum allows the children to understand that God’s word is “one story with Jesus as the hero.” It is a 3-year curriculum that uses the same Bible stories for three different age and learning levels. In other words, Kindergartners will have a simple message and activities such as crafts and games while the 5th graders lesson will be more complex with interactive activities for the children. Since it’s a 3-year curriculum, if a child begins Sunday school in PreK and finishes in 5th grade, they will have heard lessons from both the Old and New Testament in ways that grow with them. This year, children will be studying the New Testament. Family devotional books are available for both the Old Testament and New Testament.


  • Check your child into their class
  • The curriculum we use is called God Loves Me. It consists of 52 Bibles stories told in simple and age-appropriate language that children can understand. The lessons also include a variety of activities where the children learn through play, e.g. using blocks to build the wall at Jericho, water play for Noah’s Ark, etc.

Infants – 24 Months

  • If your child was in the nursery during the 8:30 AM service, they may remain in the nursery through the class hour. Or you may take them out and check them back in for a break in between the worship service and class hour. If you do check them out for fellowship, make sure their tag remains on their clothes and that you retain the sticker with your security code.
  • If you are attending an adult class and the 11:15 AM worship service, please check your child into their class and they may remain in nursery through the worship service.

Secure Check-in

If this will be your child’s first Sunday with us, plan to arrive a little early to get your child registered and assigned to a class. Please head to the check-in stations in the Worship Center lobby and ask for assistance from a check-in greeter. The greeter will help you get your child securely checked into the appropriate class. Then, you’ll have three simple steps:

  1. Put name tags on your child: You’ll receive two identical sticker name tags; your child wears one on the front of his/her shirt, and the second is an extra that can be used to label a jacket or bag. Any food allergies will be identified on your child’s name tag.
  2. Hold onto your pick-up tags! You’ll receive two identical pick-up tags with security codes that match your child’s name tag. You cannot pick up a child without his/her matching pick-up tag!

Good to know: