The Gospel

The good news of the Bible (the gospel) can be summarized in four words:

  1. CREATION We were created to have a relationship with God…
  2. FALL …but we destroyed that relationship when we rebelled against Him by going our own way.
  3. REDEMPTION Jesus Christ, God’s Son, lived a sinless life on earth. He paid for our sins by dying on the cross as our substitute, and rose bodily from the dead.
  4. RESTORATION Faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to restore our relationship with God.

Our Statement of Faith

Read our statement of faith.

Our Membership Covenant

Read our church covenant, which is part of our church constitution.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to make disciples who love God and people above all else. This mission is based on Jesus’ command to love God and people (Matthew 22:37-40) and to make disciples among all people (Matthew 28:18-20).

Our Core Values

  1. BIBLICAL AUTHORITY We study, teach, and apply the Bible as our final authority.
  2. GOSPEL CENTRALITY We proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and apply it to all areas of our lives.
  3. TRINITARIAN WORSHIP We worship the Triune God and devote ourselves to prayer.
  4. BIBLICAL COMMUNITY We grow in Christ in the context of healthy Bible-based community.
  5. MULTIPLICATION MINDSET We multiply by developing leaders, launching small groups, and planting churches.
  6. GOSPEL ADVANCEMENT We focus our efforts on taking the gospel to all people of the world.
  7. KINGDOM PARTNERSHIP We partner with other gospel-centered churches and organizations to advance the good news of Jesus Christ.