Immigrant Churches

These brothers and sisters in Christ regularly gather together in our church building:

International Students

Academics from dozens of countries come to George Washington University with a desire to explore and understand Americans and American culture. Many students have a perception about the United States as a “Christian” country, but many will have never met a follower of Jesus Christ.

Greater Washington Chinese Bible Study

This ministry aims to support local grad students and friends from China who are looking to make connections and learn about Christianity. The Greater Washington Chinese Bible Study meets Friday nights at 7:00 pm in Room 119 for dinner, worship, and Bible study in small groups (both Chinese and English language groups available). Email for more information.

English Conversation Class (ECC)

Many internationals long to practice and improve their English-speaking skills, and they are often open to discussing biblical truths and learning about a relationship with Jesus. The ECC ministry provides an opportunity to meet practical and spiritual needs while forming relationships with visiting students and exchange scholars. Classes meet weekly at the George Washington University campus; each two-hour session is split between discussion of American cultural topics and English Bible study. For more information or to get involved, please contact Cherrydale to learn more.

Ethnic Embrace

As He has throughout history, God is moving and shaking the nations in our lifetime. Globalization and urbanization continue to bring scores of internationals to the United States. Within the 26 square miles of Arlington County, Virginia, we’re privileged to have a kaleidoscope of nations and unreached people groups living all around us. As Christians, we have a unique opportunity to befriend and get to know our neighbors from over 125 foreign countries.

You don’t need a visa… just a vision to love, learn, and serve!

  • Start by using this Ethnic Embrace booklet to daily pray God’s blessing on 20 of the largest groups living in Arlington.
  • Check out the Experience It! listings on each page and visit Arlington’s ethnic neighborhoods, businesses, and restaurants.